Le Menina from Lladro's Utopia collection


Sculptor: Jose Puche

Year of creation: 1996 / 2007 (re-deco)

Height: 64 cm

The figure “La Menina” from Lladro’s “Utopia” collection brings us to the luxury world of the Golden Age in Spain, an era of cultural and political prosperity in the country. Menina is a Portuguese term used for the women who were taken at the service of a queen or as a nanny for the royal sons and daughters. Later, the word Menina (in other cultures often known as ‘maids of honor’) was used for women in the entourage of the heir or heiress of the throne. The concept of the Meninas survived at the Spanish royal court until the 18th century.

During the Spanish Evening of 6 November 2012 at the Lladro Boutique, the Menina figurine was presented as the symbol of Spanish culture, surrounded by Spanish wine, music and dances.

The sculpture of La Menina was created in 1996 already and was produced in several versions with different colors. One of the last version of La Menina is this one, decorated in glossy and matte platinum, thereby giving new life to La Menina and underlining her elegance and energy.

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