The Kiss

Sculptor: Antonio Ramos

Year of creation: 2012

Height: 33 cm

The Lladro porcelain manufactory produced this sculpture for the 150th anniversary of the unrivaled Austrian artist Gustav Klimt (1862-1918). This piece of work impresses through the accuracy of the sculptor, who was able to keep the idea, mood, shape, color palette, emotions, strength of feelings expressed by the painter on his eponymous canvas in the first decade of the 20th century. At the time, Gustav Klimt’s creativity initially caused a storm of discontent, as his special vision of the world and the people in it, reflected in his paintings, are an absolute violation of the laws of color and composition. Later, he received worldwide recognition and until today he is considered one of the most popular representatives of the world of art.

According to one of the versions about the creation of this masterpiece, the painter was inspired by the ancient Greek myth of the nymph Daphne, who was madly in love with Apollo. Her father turned her into a laurel tree. The myth goes that Apollo passionately kissed and hugger Daphne on the moment when she turned into a faceless plant, and since then he wore a laurel wreath on his head, order to consider the laurel a divine tree, and to award each hero and winner with a laurel wreath. Others claim that Gustav Klimt depicted himself with his lover.

Everything Klimt was so fond of has been artfully and skillfully embodied in this sculpture by using various techniques of decorating porcelain, such as multi-colored enamel, gloss and matt gilt. The work of the sculptor can easily be called filigree because of its unmatched imitation of the mosaic of Klimt and because of the rich variety of skilled golden tones by which the original canvas was painted. Thanks to Lladro, the painting of Klimt acquired new life. The sculpture became even brighter, more voluminous, more lively though the rich play of sparkling new colors.

Klimt has repeatedly inspired sculptors of the Lladro factory to create figures. For example, in our store you can also find the creation "Fountain of Life" based on the painting "The Three Ages of Woman".

You can buy the figure “The Kiss” in our internet-shop or in our shop in Karlovy Vary in two different versions: the normal one, or a special edition for the 150th anniversary of Gustav Klimt.

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