Sculptor: Paul Scheurich

Year of creation: 1913

Height: 24 cm

Limited collection: 10 per year

Eusebius is one of the figurines of Paul Scheurich's collection dedicated to Sergei Diaghilev's 'Ballets Russes'. The sculptor took Mikhail Fokin's "Carnival" based on the musical work of Robert Schumann as his inspiration. Eusebius is not a central character in the work of the choreographer. However, for Robert Schumann, this character personified one of the world views of the composer himself. Eusebius is a pensive, dreamy, romantic, sensitive, and contemplative personality who stood in contrast to his friend Florestan, a passionate and ardent person who stood at the other spectre in this outstanding musical work "Carnival". However, notwithstanding this opposition, Florestan and Eusebius are inseparable friend, who could not live one day without one another and whose soul and hearts seem to be one. In this porcelain figure of Paul Scheurich ballet character of "Carnival" is depicted in a pale blue coat with a calm and melancholic tone, just like the character of its owner. Another detail on the lapel of his coat emphasizes his subtle nature: a delicate rose. On the oval pedestal at the feet of Eusebius lie a mask and hat. With the gesture of putting his left hand at his heart Eusebius demonstrates openness and vulnerability as feeling of loyalty and sincerity of love confessions, petitions for clemency.

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