The Map Trader

Sculptor: Peter Reinicke and Johann Joachim Kaendler

Year of creation: 1760

Height: 16.5 cm

This charming young map seller belongs to the Meissen porcelain collection of the "Paris peddlers." The merchant is dressed according to the 18th century western European fashion in a French long coat, tight trousers and a bright contrasting vest. The travelling seller wears a large wooden box with drawers for paints and brushes on his back. On top of the box, there is a bundle of personal belongings, attached to his belt. In his left hand the seller holds a rolled up map. The most remarkable part is the detailed map in the right hand of the young man. It shows the central part of Europe, namely the two major homeland of porcelain Saxony and Bohemia, two important kingdoms which have vast amounts of kaolin, the main element of porcelain. The map has clearly defined boundaries of the kingdoms and duchies, which would later, in 1871, become part of the German Empire.

This figure, which you can obtain in our art salon and in our webstore, will undoubtedly decorate your collection of classical Meissen porcelain.

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