The tailor on a goat

Sculptor: Johann Joachim Kaendler

Year of creation: 1737

Height: 43 cm

Just like any royal, Elector of Saxony Augustus had a huge number of people at his service. At his court, he also had his personal tailor, who received special honor for his excellent work. One day, August once again flattered his tailor’s work and promised him to fulfill any wish he might have, as a token of thankfulness for his diligent work of the royal palace. The tailor did not covet any wealth, gold or material affluence. He kept his head and asked to be invited as a nobleman to a royal dinner and to sit at the table alongside all the other guests. August obviously did not expect to hear anything like that from a tailor but agreed to this unusual request and promised to invite him to the next royal dinner. The Elector implemented this idea as follows: he commissioned the sculptor Johann Joachim Kaendler sculptor to manufacture a caricature figure in large size in porcelain, which had to portray a goat with on the royal tailor sitting on top of it in a full dress with all his attributes: scissors, iron, measuring ruler, a cushion for pins, a bag with samples of cloth, buttons, balls of yarn, etc. This sculptural group was put on the same dinner table, to which the tailor was officially invited, as a reproach and a hint that every person has and should know his place.

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In the middle of the 18th century, Kaendler created a similar sculptural composition «the tailor on a goat» but in a smaller format.

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