Today Lladro company is one of the most significant operating manufactories that are engaged in the production of artistic porcelain.

The first items of the company were produced more than 60 years ago in the Spanish city of Valencia by three brothers Juan, Jose and Vincente Lladro. Starting with the production of vases and jugs, the brothers began to create different elegant figurines from porcelain. Moving a few years later to Tavernes Blankes, the brothers began to work on the first porcelain collections. Very soon the best artists, sculptors and technologists were involved in the work. In the shortest time, a strong creative team was formed at the enterprise, whose skills were constantly improved.

For the time of the company's existence, there have been invented and produced more than 5000 items. Lladro's figurines can be seen not only in boutiques, but also in the Hermitage, the Royal Museum of Art and History (Brussels), the International Ceramics Museum (Florence), the National Ceramics Museum (Valencia) , The Museum of Contemporary Art (Santo Domingo) and many many others. At different times the Lladro items have been occured in the collections of well-known personalitie as well as British Queen Elizabeth II and former US Presidents Ford, Carter, Reagan, Clinton. The members of the Spanish royal family, as well as Michael Douglas, Melanie Griffith, Frank Sinatra and many others are also inlove with the beauty of Lladro figurines. The world of Lladro is reach and beautiful, sometimes unreal and full of fairytail and religous stories, myths and different cultural traditions. There are fragile, delicate, graceful porcelain ballerines in lacy skirts, touching children, puppies, poking curious faces from the baskets, affectionate plump cupids, graceful flirtatious ladies in lush dresses, sad clowns, exotic geisha, charming flower-girls, proud horse-riders - all these and many other beautiful characters inhabit the semi-real world of Lladro.