Brand Herend


Herend is one of the largest porcelain manufactories in the world, existing since 1826. Manufactory is located in the cozy small town Herend near the largest lake of Hungary - Balaton – in the valley of the Bakony Mountains. Herend is a symbol of elite beauty, elegance and luxury. Herend is an unique piece of hard thin white porcelain exclusively handmade and handpainted.

Rich table services, vases, caskets and famous animal figurines with a mesh pattern of Herend manufactory have impressed the whole world. In the 19th century, Herend was the court supplier of the Habsburg family. The list of famous customers and admirers of Hungarian porcelain includes the Queen of England, the Emperor of Austria Franz Joseph, the German Emperor Wilhelm I, the Russian Tsars Alexander II and Nicholas II, several US Presidents, the King of Thailand, the Japanese Emperor, Sultan Oman, Harisson Ford, Celine Dion, Arnold Schwarzenegger and many many others.

Manufactury offers a huge range of products. In its archives there are about 16000 forms and 5000 different ornaments and patterns. In items of unsurpassed quality, great attention is paid to the preservation of the traditions of manual production and the professionalism of porcelain art masters. 

The novelties of Herend manufactory are exhibited annually at the international exhibition Ambiente in Frankfurt.

Porcelain Herend is always a pride of the most prestigious private and museum collections of different countries.